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F90A/B Self-Contained Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner

F90A/B Self-Contained Commercial Electronic Air Cleaner

Brand: Honeywell







▪ Three or five speed motor driven fan circulates up to: 1250 cfm (2100 m3/hr) on F90A and 550 cfm (930 mVhr) on F90B


▪ Removes up to 92% of staining dirt from air




▪ Heavy duty commercial cells and prefilter are removable for cleaning



▪ Solid state power supply self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt-loading conditions


▪ Provides coanda air distribution (recirculation of clean air in 4 directions)



▪ LEDs indicate ON and CHECK





▪ Three-position adjustable discharge louvers




▪ Available with off white finish or woodgrain with black trim




▪ Infrared remote control with self dianostic function available for F90B



Technical Information






F90A1290 (White)

F90A1308 (Black wood-grain)

F90B1132 or F90B1132/S (off-white)

F90B1140 or F90B1140/S (black wood-grain)


No of cells

2 heavy duty commercial cells

1 heavy duty commercial cell



1250 cfm (2100 m3/hr)

550 cfm (930m3/hr)



Ceiling mounted

Ceiling mounted or floor standing


Door/grille type

3 position adjustable louver


Included accessories

Solid state supply assembly, prefilter, cover with grille, power and speed control switch, performance selection switch, test button 3 or 5-speed motor driven fan, interlock switch for cover and grille, power cord, LED indicator


Electrical Ratings

220-240V 50Hz

220-240V 50Hz


Operating Ambient

Not higher than 90°F (32°C)


For brief periods 120°F (49°C)







31.5 kg (shipped)

18.9 kg (shipped)


29.5 kg (installed)

16.2 kg (installed)



UL,CSA, Canadian EMI certified, CE applicable

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